"Katie has an unerring way of spotting musical potential. I saw her do it over and over during the course of Meet Me in Winter, from young children's voices that needed to be soothed, through teenage vocal stars to talented professional musicians. Within moments of arriving each person was being encouraged to give the best performance of their lives. MMiW was a testament to the value of music, to individuals whose talent needed to be nurtured, to whole communities who want to be involved. Katie created and guided MMiW and those remarkable musicians every step of the way."

Ian Dean, producer, Meet Me in Winter

"I had wanted to write lyrics, to create songs for ages - but never really knew where to begin or how to go about it. Katie encouraged me to find my own voice...she patiently listened & shaped my ideas, believed in my own sense of music-making, then gave me the confidence to put it out there in my own way. Listening to my own lyrics, woven into her playing, has brought huge satisfaction - as much through the journey of discovery, daring me to be bold & have a go. I would recommend her style of collaboration in music to anyone who has ever wondered about those tunes they carry inside themselves."

Mark, songwriting collaborator

"Over 6 years ago I took the plunge and walked into a room full of strangers and admitted to them that I, as a ‘grown up’, with all my adult insecurities, wanted to take part in something musical. I began a journey that led to small changes in my confidence, not just as a performer but also to me as a person. This then enabled me to make big changes in my life.....Every small step along the way has been rewarding, a feeling of growing and achieving. I’ve learnt lots of lessons and I think the most important one is it doesn’t matter if there’s someone better, or more experienced than you, if you’re all having fun. With this knowledge I’ve been able to put myself forward and get involved in experiences I would not have thought possible."

Jo, Back to Music project